We are all looking forward to being able to celebrate properly again soon. We’ll use the time until then to prepare events and show our location to new interested parties. But how do such viewing appointments actually work, how long do they last and what needs to be clarified beforehand? These are the questions we will address today.

Regardless of whether you are interested in Schloß Neuhaus or another location for the organization of your celebration, you should clarify basic questions before an inspection. It is particularly important to check the availability, capacity and rental costs of your desired location. This will save you effort and disappointment.

Since a tour of unusual locations can take several hours and travel time to and from the location must be planned, you should avoid a tour marathon in your own interest. It is recommended that you personally view two to three locations in as short a time window as possible. Your partner should also be present at initial visits for weddings. It is best to write down all questions in advance so that nothing is forgotten in the appointment. On non-event days, viewings are available Monday through Saturday. We will make an appointment and ask you in advance how your private or corporate party should proceed. This way, we can present the relevant areas of our 10,000-square-meter facility to you according to your needs.

The two-hour guided tour is free of charge and will be led by a member of our castle team. During the appointment we will answer all your questions, hand over documents with the essential information and, if you are interested, we will reserve the desired date for you. If you decide to join us, Neuhaus will of course be available for further visits by arrangement.

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