It is a beautiful custom to do good at the end of the year. We also take care of it and have decided to give nature gifts this year.

In the last few weeks our colleagues have planted new trees in various areas around the castle. “By now we have probably reached over 1,000 forest and fruit trees,” estimates castle owner Michael Freiherr von Gemmingen. Despite the corona-related losses, the tradition of taking care of the home environment was continued this year.

The good deed can be seen, for example, along the access road to the castle, where old fruit trees have been replaced by new ones of the varities Elsbeere and Speierling.

In addition, numerous forest areas were replanted with silver firs and Douglas firs east of Neuhaus Castle. The bald spots in the Dombacher Forest were mainly caused by storms and increasing drought in our region.

“With this campaign we want to preserve our beautiful landscape in the long term, after all, trees and forests are essential for people and nature,” summarizes the committed Ehrstadt entrepreneur.
Anyone who would like to support the campaign financially or actively is welcome. We are looking forward to your message.